German agritech pioneering
cannabis cultivation underground.

Why are we growing underground?

It's a special place for cultivation.

Perfect conditions make a perfect product.

Security is one of the main drivers of cost for cannabis growing and cultivation... It's a good thing we hardly need any. A single, well-protected elevator and 750 meters of impenetrable stone do the job perfectly.

750 Meters
of Safety

Zero Pests
Zero Problems

Due to the complete isolation below ground, no pests can reach our site. This means we use zero pesticides, allowing us to grow a higher quality product and offer special strains that our competition cannot.

The Perfect

Geothermal energy heats the mine to create a mild, stable climate of around 28°C. A perfect surrounding for our experts. Even better: The use of natural heating frees us from fossil fuels, drastically lowering our CO2 emissions.

A Venture with
Mother Earth

Drying is an important part of the harvesting process, and very energy-intensive. In our case, the salt walls are constantly and naturally dehydrating; enabling us to save energy and CO2 in the process.